Visuals For Madame Godard By Neutral Reporter

There seems to be an increase in the amount of short video’s online that are mixing normal footage with hand drawn animation. What we have here is one of the best combinations I’ve seen in a while, I have to say I’m really quite fond of what the Neutral Reporter has done here.

The creative mind behind this project is some what of a mysterious character, In all honesty I can’t tell you too much about her. I love what she has created though, her character generation is refreshing to see and the visuals captured hold a classic and muted feel.

Five part indie band Madame Godard must be pretty content with what she has created for them, I think the techniques used are key to creating a bit of a buzz online for the band. Given her style is so imaginative I wouldn’t be surprised to see these visuals snowball over on Vimeo, with her profile catching high views in the process.

Without insulting the band I doubt this track will be reaching my playlist, but I’m sure there will be many people heading to iTunes after seeing this piece. I will however keep this set of visuals in my mind for the time being, and look forward to more from the “Neutral Reporter”.