We Used To Live Here From Hight & Harrell

Both connected past and present with Vancouver Film School Chris Harrell teamed up with Shawn Hight to create this short little visual workings created using a glidecam and the pairs surroundings. We recently brought you another piece which involved these two along with some of there peers which you can see in the archives, its evident in both pieces that here are two creatives that just love to experiment and create, it really doesn’t seem like hard work for them to craft great off the wall style footage which wouldn’t look out of place sat in a music video. This piece of work is lighthearted and alot of fun, we get bundles of lively character portrayed through this piece which seem ever present throughout other pieces from this pair. To see more work from Chris Harrell and Shawn Hight Head over to their personal pages via the links bellow.

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