Imagery From Laurent Nivalle

French creative Laurent Nivalle is based in Paris working as an art director, photographer, and cgi artist creating imagery and scenes for web, print and film. Today he brings us this collection of imagery which has been created around the concept of vintage styled camping and carries a classic aged feel throughout the set. The soft lighting found in this series presents us with a warming mood with the natural sunlight coming through the windows of the caravan, opening up the dark spaces and tying in a casual feel to this series. We get a real feel and idea of a hot French summer here, and you can imagine relaxing in the surroundings of the countryside without the worry of the day to day stress and schedule. Theres a great sense of atmophere and scene created by Laurent here which he seems to carry throughout all his pieces, i recomend heading over to his personal page to view more which you can find linked to bellow.

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