Imaginary Landscapes – Tapis by French Designer Guillaume Delvigne

French designer Guillaume Delvigne has always liked the idea of moving away from reality and trying to incorporate this in functional design. He is inspired by everything interesting, whether natural or man-made, real or not, and is fascinated by the way randomness can lead to something beautiful. To me, this is most evident in his collection of three tapestry designs titled ‘Cumulus’, ‘Station’, and ‘Archipel’. This collection was made for the 20th birthday of Made In Design and was a limited run, making them beautiful pieces of art that are one of a kind.

For its 20th birthday, Made in Design collaborated with a group of leading brands and designers to design an exclusive collection of functional products. With Delvigne’s collection he decided to use a very organic process, starting with his favourite medium: drawing. He first gave life to these pieces by using a pencil in his sketchbook. The patterns that adorn each piece were carefully created by hand, breaking down the elements before being enlarged to the desired format, three meters by two.

With this collection, Delvigne used shades of pinks, whites and greys, colours that have been prominent throughout the last 20 years of Made In Design. Pink is also seen as the colour of love, joy and positive energy. This is exactly what Delvigne wanted to bring to his collection; To transmit positive energy and to bring colour to the lives of the owners of these pieces.

The tapestries feature large, bold and abstract forms that immediately catches the eye. Delvigne experimented with perception through overlays and depth effects, to create large still life drawings, imaginary landscapes that are both architectural and organic. With its bold design and colours, these unique ‘tapis’ are truly exceptional pieces of art that are sure to bring energy to whoever is lucky enough to revolve around them.


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