Levels of Perception – Abstract Art by Norwegian Creative Fino Prydz

The further you delve in to different art forms the more you think about depth and layering. On the surface level most art can be condensed down to colour and line, but as you look deeper, especially if you are partaking in a creative pursuit yourself, it becomes apparent that there’s such complexity behind all the different elements that make something great. This doesn’t even take in to consideration the harmony of all these working together.

Considering the material’s texture, the flatness or depth in a colour, or the smoothness and ruggedness of form itself, all play a part in bringing atmosphere to a piece of artwork. It’s part of the reason why I was intrigued by the work of New York City based Norwegian artist Fino Prydz who seems to have a great eye for layering and depth in his work.

Thanks to his collaboration with Lea Banchereau some of Fino’s process has been caught on video and we also have a few pictures captured on 35mm film. I am drawn to the simplicity in the shapes, many of which seem sculptural in form, mixed with the transparent elements placed above single or double lines that add that much needed depth that abstract art sometimes lacks.

As well as Fino’s great eye for graphic composition, he also has a talent for applying texture to the backdrops to bring the shapes to the forefront and draw the eye in a subtle way. A slight visual trick but one that’s certainly effective and is something I would like to apply to my own work as a ceramic artist. Please see these pictures below from his recent exhibition and go on over to his webpage for more from Fino Prydz. Another fantastic artist to put on your watch list!