Jan Rothuizen Artist Profile

I’ve brought across this short film from Artours which is the augmented reality project of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, which today is showcasing the profile of dutch artist Jan Rothuizen. Jan talks us through his artistic roots before moving onto some of his more recent projects which include a wonderful digital piece created within the walls of the Stedelijk Museum.

Another of Jan’s works that’s featured in this short video piece is his soft maps project in which he draws places of interest to him narrating them with thoughts of his own alongside the views of others he finds populating these surroundings. I was really impressed with the shire attention to detail that Jan undertakes in producing this project as he goes to extensive lengths to capture the atmosphere and mood of each location.

I think this project is a nice little introduction to the artist and his work, browsing through his portfolio I found myself admiring his approach to projects as he seems quite a philosophical fellow. If you’re a fan of conceptual art I’d definitely recommend heading over to his page to have a view at what Jan has to offer.



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