Patterned Tessellations – Paper Sculptures by Italian Creative Andrea Russo


I often hear people bad mouthing technology, talking about the negative aspects of the internet and how much content we’re now consuming. For me there’s lots of positives, and a particular plus is the fact that on blogs and sharing platforms, especially those run by creatives, you can see the progression and themes running through their work. Previously you might have only seen a fantastic portfolio that’s been carefully curated, but you don’t see the struggle and commitment that it takes to get to that point.

When I came across paper artist Andrea Russo it really sparked something in me, especially this idea of starting small and working over a long period of time. In Andrea’s case his first photo shared on Flickr was in 2007, so since then he’s been making these paper sculptures and posting the results regularly online. And I guarantee the social aspect of the website, with comments and feedback, gives him the “get-up-and-go” to explore more.

Andrea Russo works in his hometown of Naples, Italy. He has a background in law, but his passion for art is shared through his origami, which are often geometric patterns or abstract sculptures using straight lines and curves. I absolutely loved the visuals offered, I bet these look even more impressive in person, especially those that are strung up and have the possibility of moving and absorbing the light. It makes sense then that he’s already collaborated with designers and architects, exhibiting his work in museums and private galleries. I hope you like this small selection here, I recommend clicking over to his Flickr profile on the link below to see more. There’s some great inspiration on offer.










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