Powerful Simplification – Expressive Abstraction by French Artist Kitty Sabatier


I definitely think drawing has beneficial qualities for any creative, and unfortunately it seems to have become a vanishing skill. Drawing is all about thoughtful observation, you have to sit still and absorb everything around you. Painting architecture for example, you have to sit their and soak in all the lines, as well as the culture surrounding the building to discover how it sits in its environment.

Interestingly, these drawings by talented French Artist Kitty Sabatier remind me of Le Corbusier’s artworks, which were also expressive in nature and had an aggressive fluidity about them. I know that Le Corbusier devoted half of every day over a 45 year period to writing, painting and drawing, and later this helped him power the design of the Modulor system, a ‘harmonious’ scale of proportions that he devised in 1946.

Kitty, a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Toulouse, creates drawings and paintings at her studio in France. I selected a few to showcase here today. I was especially impressed by her muted colours, as well as her attraction to basic forms, later adding expressive lines over the top of them. In some ways they remind me of traditional calligraphy, but they are more modern and have a real sense of creativity. Enjoy.