Crafting from Within – Thoughts by Korean Ceramic Artist Kyungwon Baek

The reality is that all art is a contemplation of sorts. Obviously there are different themes that you can explore but if an idea interests us then why not study it in more detail and discover if there’s something beneath the surface. Even if there’s only an aesthetic outcome then at least you’ve created a link that you can later latch on to down the line. For this reason I was drawn to the work of ceramic artist Kyungwon Baek who lives and works in Seoul.

Kyungwon has been making some waves with her beautiful sculpture that connects many ‘thoughts’ that sit between sculptural and functional. I say ‘thoughts’ as this is the name of the collection and I like this idea of exploring new possibilities using clay. Kyungwon is not shy at hand building and attaching to the sidewalls of the vessels to see how this levitating effect plays a part in our overall perception of an object.

When we flick back through her portfolio this concept of combining shapes and making groups is not entirely new. The ‘Divided’ and ‘Combined’ series are also on a similar wavelength, with the ‘Thoughts’ series maybe falling more in the abstract/sculptural category. I’m not sure where this architectural style derives from, possibly from her study in Denmark and the UK, but I’m certainly in favour of it and hope she will be able to build on this for future collections. These in even large form would be absolutely stunning. Click on over the Kyungwon Baek website via the link below to see more.


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