Connecting Form & Surface – Sculpture by Ceramic Artist Ken Eastman

When we think about clay we tend to link this material to smooth forms that offer a sleek and seamless surface. Even the pottery wheel, one of the most used tools in this craft, is mainly used to construct forms that are cylindrical and offer little in the way of breaks in the overall structure of a specific shape. It takes a brave artist to step away from this tradition and craft jilted forms that vibe and jab, push and pull, tilt and then lean back to offer some kind of power struggle.

UK-based artist Ken Eastman is one of those, building these fantastic sculptures by hand that look unique from every angle. Through each vessel Ken expresses his creativity through the medium of a vessel. To contrast the bulging, sculptural segments he uses colours that are both rich and quiet. Painted on by hand, these tones create an interesting relationship between all the different elements that make ceramics so great. Shape, texture, and colour.

For me Ken’s work is not just about the form alone. It’s about the expressiveness running throughout his sculpture and how the shapes pull on our senses and emotions. I’m certainly in awe of both his current and past works and recommend you view the full collection on his portfolio via the link below.


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