Earth’s Changing Surface – Many Moons by Ceramic Artist Christina Liu

There’s something about the change in surface on any handcrafted object that definitely moves the heart. I suppose the field of ceramics is especially true in this regard, considering the natural materials used and the ever changing nature of the vessel while it goes through a firing. It’s unpredictable and you have to let nature take the reins. It takes a special collection of artwork to highlight this idea and bring it to the forefront of our mind.

Christina Liu is a talented ceramic artist who I’ve had my eye on for a while and has not only successfully produced beautiful minimalist tableware (see Kitchen Table series) she has now also successfully conquered the more rustic in her project titled ‘Many Moons’ that references the ever changing surface and the gold glints of light that shine from the sky.

Many are vases, which makes sense because they are “moon” in shape, but I’m also in awe of the bowls that have a particular grace from above when a falling shadow hits the surface of the glaze. Almost half moon in appearance. I really appreciate Christina pointing our attention to the beauty that resides in nature and what it means to let our creativity, quite literally, “run free”.


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