Forms Sitting in Empty Space – Vases and Vessels by Linck Ceramics


There’s always something that brings me back to “white”. I’m not sure of the appeal exactly but maybe it’s the various connotations linked to the word. White is like an empty vessel that carries many meanings, such as purity, subtlety, and space. I’ll probably leave its explanation to Kenya Hara, who best expressed the complexities in his book titled the same name, ‘White’.

A selection of ceramics that I picked out today also have their origins in this purity. Margrit Linck made ceramics in Heimberg, Switzerland between 1940 and 1980. Early on she saw that the traditional side of pottery needed modernising, so on a trip to Berlin and Paris she became inspired by the emerging art scene with names such as Picasso, Giacometti and Braque. Realising her calling she started to develop fresh and timeless forms that could stand the test of time. She found that the only way to achieve the perfect form would be by using strictly the colour white.

So, since 2011 Linck’s ceramics have been brought back to life by owner Annet Berger. The designs still follow the same traditional handmade manufacturing techniques, making sure each piece is unique and has character. Here’s a selection of my favourites from their website, you should hop on over to see more as there’s quite the range available. The simplicity of the shapes are very appealing indeed.