Vases with Stones – Unique Vessels Produced by Martin Azua & Marc Vidal


I’ve been looking in to coloured clays and making vessels that have a seamless flat colour that can then be left unglazed. This matte appearance on the outer body is very appealing to me as it doesn’t look too brash, it’s also one of the main reasons why I was drawn to these unique vessels designed by Martin Azua, with the help of ceramist Marc Vidal.

As well as the simple appearance, I like the concept of the stone mixed with the craft of the pottery. The vases themselves have been deformed by the weight of a stone, showcasing nature and craftsmanship converging in to one to create something minimal but refined. Obviously these aren’t made to be functional, more of a conceptual piece of art, but I like the simplicity behind it and the way in which Martin Azua has mixed imagery of the landscape to tie in with the stones that are present.

These vases are signed and numbered and are handmade on the wheel in Opakua, Basque Country by Marc Vidal. I hope you like the imagery here and will go on to Martin’s website to view more, these can also be purchased in their online shop. Enjoy.