A&B Award Objects by Fraser Reid and Nick Ross

I love this quirky set of “Award Objects” created by Fraser Reid and Nick Ross, I found these last night and I thought they were quite unusual but simplistic and minimal at the same time. Actually I’ve never been a massive fan of metal, particularly shiny metals that stick out and bring too much attention to a designed piece. I like subtle details and I think when something really pops out at you it’s not necessarily a good thing, usually that element is trying too hard. My mind frame was slightly altered when I started coming across designers such as Carl Auböck, who’s an absolute genius in my opinion. He uses a lot of brass and even though some of his objects are quite flashy, in some ways I find they’re subtle which is maybe due to the size, shape and form. You can see much of this same aesthetic in these pieces, each one has a contrasting tripod which suspends a synthetic plaster in a variety of shapes.

The idea of this specific project was to create some awards for the Arts & Business Scotland Awards 2011, they focused on ancient times and how vessels were given out during the Olympic Games in Greece to contain sacred oils. Over time the function has changed but the form has stayed the same, they wanted to put the contents back into the trophy and create something with more substance. The final piece is an inverted form which is then suspended giving it a sense of importance.

I think this an amazing idea and they really arrived at great collaboration point, Fraser and Nick must work well together. Even though these pieces aren’t made to be hollow it would be great to see these made to purchase, I can imagine one on a classic desk or on a bedside table somewhere, it would be a superb container of some sort. For more information regarding this project I would advise you to make your way towards both of the creatives web pages below, they have plenty of other projects to browse through if you’ve got any spare time.



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