Ceramic Works by Kirstie Van Noort

Previously Daniel put together a nice concise post on Eindhoven based designer Kirstie Van Noort in the latter part of 2011. Today I decided to explore her works again after my amazement at her ceramic bowls, cups and other items, particularly the selection that she’s produced over the last few months.

I have to say what originally attracted me was the fact that she’s a very experimental individual, the work that Daniel showcased was a specific project which looked to explore the early stages of designing a porcelain bowl. It was mainly about the experimentation of different oxides mixed with porcelain clay such as copper, nickel, chromium magnesium and cobalt oxide in different percentages to see what would happen to the final object. It’s great to see that she’s moved this forward and has progressed onto more shapes and forms, Kirstie is a bit brighter with her colours than my usual taste but I really like this as well since it brings out her individuality. Another aspect of the whole production is the texture of the items up close, particularly the close-up shots of the kettles, like the one below, where you can see the bumps and flakes all over. This creates a one off which cannot be reproduced exactly the same again. Overall most of the shapes are traditional and are simplistic, but they have a slight twist and every one is unique which is a nice added bonus from your mass produced piece.

Hopefully you enjoy what you see below and will head towards her website to experience all of her work which covers a wide array of design, she also dabbles in photography and drawing which is fantastic in itself. Enjoy!



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