Elements of the Earth – Objects by Collection Particuliere

Objects by Collection Particuliere 1

Collection Particuliere is a design house specialising in austere furniture, lighting, and objects crafted from noble materials including, but not limited to wood, marble, leather, brass, and ceramic. Editor Jérôme Aumont describes that these were chosen for their integrity and character, emphasising their ability to age with elegance. The bowls, vases, platters, trays, candle holders, mirrors, and other objects made by almost a dozen different designers employ various themes and techniques in their production, but are connected in the overarching goal to become one with their surroundings, part of a life or lives experienced in proximity, developing the subtle patina that comes with sharing the particularities of a space over long periods of time.

The collective’s namesake is derived from the cryptic information placards placed alongside objects in an exhibition, often donated or loaned by anonymous patrons from private collections. In this way, the group retains an enigmatic identity that can’t be tied to one particular designer. There is no clear set of aesthetic principles by which they each create their work, other than the shared appreciation of substance and an apparent love of clean forms hewn from the elements of this earth which humans have been utilising since the dawn of time. Each series is named in a similar spirit, given these arcane singular titles with vague connection to the form or purpose that inspire their creation. Candle holders signified by the word Church, for instance, or a collection of thin brass vases called Leaf, the oblong components that are reminiscent of Magnolia trees’ foliage expertly shaped into a perfect cylinder.

All of these choices point toward a deep respect for longevity, inspired perhaps by the forces of nature, and the potential timelessness of an object that will last long enough to be passed down through generations. One can imagine any vase or bowl in the columned Time/Less series at home in ancient Greece or contemporary Milan. This potential to find a place in any context is a nod towards the values of quality that contradict the ideals of short-sighted design or throwaway objects that are so commonplace in today’s material culture. One thing is for certain: the objects created by Collection Particuliere will only get better with age.


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