Shizuko Hasuo Ceramics Exhibition at utsuwa-KU Gallery


Today I had a craving for some natural looking pottery, I’m not sure why this came about, maybe because I’ve been looking at architecture and industrial products quite a lot. For some reason I always get in to a particular fascination with certain types of design, this even runs through to the things that I buy for the office or household. For example, recently I purchased a set of Vitsoe shelving and a nice aalto stool, which runs on the theme of more industrial, plus I purchased a Braun piece which follows the same line of thinking (also designed by Dieter Rams). Now with some new handmade products arriving in the shop, specifically glassware by the talented craftsmen at Hirota in Japan, I seem to be floating back that way and have been on the hunt for interesting new makers.

One stop that’s always a hit is the utsuwa-KU Gallery in Hyogo, Japan. I’ve highlighted a lacquer exhibition before, but I thought I’d showcase a exhibition that took place a couple of months back on ceramic artist Shizuko Hasuo. I really like the way they’ve gone with the makers they represent, they often hold events at their store as well as online, that gives a brilliant indication of the work as a whole and the beauty behind the items. Plus, the prices are very decent as well, which means you can buy some one-off functional items that are full of character and pure spirit. A collection of these would definitely light up the home.

Something I’d like to point out is that this sort of aesthetic is very hard to achieve as a maker, this is what most creatives dream of. These pots all have a natural beauty about them, they’ve not been fussed over too much, there’s just the right amount of respect between the material from the ground and the flesh of the human that’s shaping it. It’s hard to summarise everything combined as the end result quite natural, but I’m sure when you have a browse over the exhibition page and list of works you’ll get the idea. I’d also urge you to bookmark the utsuwa-KU exhibitions page as a point of reference for inspiration, I’ve had it in my own list for a while and it never disappoints. If you have a spare minute after you could browse a new event taking place at the moment showcasing the work of talented potter Yoko Terai, who I’ve had my watchful eye on as well, as she creates very natural flowing forms. All of these sources will hopefully keep you inspired for today, enjoy!










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