Furniture Designer: Taylor Donsker

Believe me when I say we’ve seen a lot of craftsmen, creatives, designers and makers over the years and heard many, many stories. Some of these are regularly repeated and you very quickly develop a nose for who is regurgitating the same message and those with genuine drive and passion to create something completely unique. The character we came across this morning in that context falls into the latter bracket, I heard his “statement” or definition of what he does if you will and I could instantly tell in the conviction of his voice he’s really striving to create furniture he can call his own.

A graduate of the USC school of architecture in Southern California, Taylor Donsker was trained under several of Los Angeles most coveted architects. Two years back however upon completing his term at the university he decided to take a turn in the road and went about setting up his own furniture design business. I can really resonate with Taylor’s experience as I decided that I would follow what I was passionate about when I graduated, rather than take a job that was well paid but unfulfilling for me personally. I think in the end the kicker for me was the opportunity to get involved with something progressive, a project I could really believe in and it’s obvious to me Taylor felt the same.

I’m sure he’s always trying to escape the fact that he’s quite young and still developing a style he can call completely his own, but he’s on the right path. Taylor’s certainly an individual with a big future ahead of him, I’m sure of this. If you’ve got the time head over and see what you think to his ever-growing portfolio of work, I loved seeing the experimentation, he’s definitely not afraid to take on new materials to convey his latest idea and I can’t wait to see what he will create next. Don’t just take my word for it though have a watch below and see what you think, in the meantime I’m off to see who else I can find. Enjoy!


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