Inside Aesop

This is an exciting short film by Dasein Productions, particularly director Yianni Warnock, for skincare, haircare and bodycare brand Aesop. It sort of comes as a prelude to a project that we’ve been working on with these guys, something you will see come into fruition in the next few weeks. So keep your eyes peeled.

Although this is old, 2 years old to be specific, it’s been watched by very few people, so this little gem seems to have been hidden beneath the surface. I’m a big fan of Aesop and although they’re popular amongst women they’re very much liked by men of all ages. Their simplicity and overall aesthetic ranks amongst the best in my opinion, focusing on timeless details and harbouring products that are just as good on the inside as they are on the outside.

Although Aesop have become a massive brand in a lot of ways they’ve never excluded design as the core of their business, everything is centred around the hidden details and focused on stripping back and leaving the essentials. That’s a trending theme on this website and it’s something that we strongly believe in. Oh yeah, and if you haven’t seen or visited an Aesop store before I would definitely advise you to check it out!

Although the brand is the essential ingredient, without Yianni and his creative team they would have never been able to showcase the company without these talents individuals. What they’ve done is fantastic, the black and white, simplistic shots, random snippets from the street. Classic.

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