Paper Record Player From Kelli Anderson

Looking for something creative and inspiring to view over lunch?, this project from Kelli Anderson could be just the tonic to cure your predicament of break-time boredom. To be honest this short little video was just the pickup I needed earlier to get myself inspired and raring to get on with my day to day tasks.

Now I’d be the first to admit that the idea of weddings often leads to a little section of my brain shutting down entirely, but designer Kelli Anderson knew when her two close creative friends were tying the knot that she had to come up with something captivating and this she has done.

Crafting a paper record player which doubles as a invitation to the guests, the happy couple were able to send out a recording of a track they recently created to celebrate their engagement.

Kelli explains, “The resulting booklet is comprised of a cover, two inner pages, a letterpressed band (with instructions and a tear-off RSVP postcard), and a flexdisc on a screwpost. The recipient bends the second page of the booklet back to create a tented arm. With the needle placed, they then carefully spin the flexidisc at 45 RPM (ish) to hear the song.”

There are some really nice design aspects here, and you have to love that typography. Be sure to head towards Kelli’s page for more if you enjoyed what we have here.


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