Tastetone From Decode Film

London based production company Decode Film bring us this wonderful short which investigates the concept of Synesthesia, where one stimulation evokes the sensation of another. They’ve taken quite a creative approach to depicting the idea of Synesthesia, as we see our subject move from a windy forest through open fields and finally arriving into the comfort of her own home.

As the young woman navigates through these locations we are given bitesize thoughts that she is processing on her travels, with each sight, sound, and thought influencing her next one. The subject comes across as quite curious in the investigation of her surroundings, which in turn leads us as the viewer wondering how the film as a whole is going to conclude.

Working in collaboration with Jay Waldon of Wolf Collective the team collected research from interviewing members of the public before producing tastetone, making sure their project was informed and factual about the condition. In many respects the collaborative efforts have created quite an educational piece on how the mind of a synesthete works, follow the links below for more from the respective parties involved.