On Gray By Dave Delnea

One of the main reasons I love watching short film is the evocative and mysterious element involved as you watch a project unravel in front of your eyes. So this short piece from Dave Delnea really appealed to me as he’s left the mystery of the film to be written by the imagination of the viewer, quite a unique concept in many respects.

David explains that ‘On Gray’ is a “visual representation of a writers creative process”, giving the viewer the opportunity to develop character setting through glimpses of various scenes and subjects. Pretty inventive if you ask me, I like the fact that David’s set out to portray the creative process, which isn’t an easy task.

In many senses of the word this is quite a personal project as each viewer will take something completely unique out of it, well in theory at least. I think I was caught out by the vintage cameras in this project especially with them all looking in such mint condition, I wonder what everyone else will notice. If you’ve got a moment and would like to see some more projects head on through to his portfolio below.



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