The Narrows by Johannes M Schwarz

It seems like a large chunk of the creatives that I follow have opted to head to the mountains this summer and sample a little of what nature has to offer. So when I came across the profile of Johannes M Schwarz and the beautiful scenery found in his short piece “The Narrows” I knew there would be a good chance it would be a hit with all of you creatively minded people.

Johannes explains he shot this in perhaps the most famous hiking trail in Zion national park Utah, and you can see why as the surroundings are quite remarkable – especially inside the caves around the midway point. As the natural light flows into the cavern we can see a fantastic glow surface on the walls, combine this with views of the leisurely flowing stream and we’re presented with quite a mesmerizing scene.

The Narrows look like a fantastic place to spend the day investigating, I think I’d spend the whole time using up rolls of film mind you. The footage we have here starts at the Orderville Canyon Junction with the majority of the film captured at the point up-river nearby, if you’d like see more of Johannes film’s you can follow using the link just below.


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