Endemic Materials – Burnt Cork Collection by Made in Situ

Made in Situ is a Lisbon-based interior and furniture design studio run by Frenchman, Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance. Burnt Cork is Made in Situ’s second collection of limited-edition pieces consisting of a dining table, two low tables, a dining chair, a lounge chair, a chaise-longue and a stool.

Each piece of furniture is made using natural burnt cork from the surrounding forests, an endemic material of the Portuguese countryside. Sustainability is at the heart of Noe’s designs and has made a conceited effort to utilise burnt cork that would otherwise be discarded.

The Burnt Cork series was inspired by a road trip that Noe once took across Portugal in which he drove through a cork forest scarred by a forest fire. He was immediately fascinated and inspired by the resilience of the material, it protected the tree against the flames, as well as the flames themselves – fire is an element crucial for the progress of civilisation.

The base of each piece of furniture has a wider, darker and rougher grain that gradually  becomes more refined and lighter in colour towards the top. The Burnt Cork collection accentuates the rawness of the material, embraces the imperfections and different textures it creates and helps foster a deeper appreciation for the natural materials that surround us.

The collection features sinuous lines and curves often found in nature, soft corners and ergonomic-looking surfaces. The ability to create such soft lines is due to the articulated robotic arm that carves these pieces from 3 cubic meter blocks of raw cork. Using advanced technologies with manual techniques and generational savoir-faire,

the Burnt Cork collection celebrates Portuguese landscape, traditional craftsmanship and resilience of material.


Burnt Cork Collection by Made in Situ 2

Burnt Cork Collection by Made in Situ 3

Burnt Cork Collection by Made in Situ 4

Burnt Cork Collection by Made in Situ 5

Burnt Cork Collection by Made in Situ 6

Burnt Cork Collection by Made in Situ 7


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