Inside the Workshop – A Short Film on Woodworkers Mori Kougei

This is a real treat! See below our newest short film highlighting the work of Tokushima-based woodworkers Mori Kougei.

Mori Woodwork is headed by craftsman Hiroyuki Mori in Tokushima, Japan. Mori specialises in a technique called ‘Tsukiita’ that involves slicing wood in to a thin, paper-like sheets. These pieces are then bonded together with wood to create trays with unique patterns.

Mori Woodwork has been using this techniques for more than 70 years, making art that’s functional and highlighting the beauty in the grain of the wood. By using indigo dye, something that Tokushima is so well-known for, Mori has conveyed the essence of nature, making works that are subtle but still contemporary.

Watch on below and marvel and the beauty of their woodwork and the timeless quality they convey.

Click here to purchase woodwork handcrafted by Mori Kougei ⟶


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