Orion House By Christopher Hewitt

English self taught Director, Designer and Photographer Christopher Hewitt brings us some stunning production in the shape of his latest working “Orion House”. The short film was derived around the concept of two strangers paths crossing on one remarkable day, within the inner city of London.

Through the use of captivating narration alongside beautifully captured running visuals, Orion House tells the story of loss from two perspectives. Christopher uses the sun, circles, and cycles as catalyst’s to an event that brings two individuals into a parallel, showcasing all that is good in life.

I found the sense of human connection pretty gripping in this piece, however to begin with I was pretty torn wether to bring this across to the site, or display it up to our followers on Twitter.

With the piece being a few days old it had already developed a fair amount of interest over on vimeo, but in the end I decided that with not too much else out there of this quality, I might as well showcase this to those that haven’t been lucky enough to get a glimpse.



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