Photographic Works by Patrik Lindell

Swedish photographer Patrik Lindell is todays subject matter, he started out as a photographer in 2008, particularly taking interest in large-format cameras, camera optics, and the theoretical side of photography. He now works on big projects with major design agencies and architects in Sweden, partly because he’s a big fan of buildings and design in general.

These photos that I’ve placed up are actually from his personal portfolio and are images of interesting subjects, mainly buildings or some sort of structure. Now the odd thing about Patrik is the way in which he captures, he really relies on the patterning in the photo, or the boldness of the colours. You can tell he cares about proportions and lines which makes him very different from any other photographer I’ve seen. Hes artistically precise and neat.

Patrik goes onto say, “I try to do something interesting and out of the ordinary, and maybe I would like other people to see that. I also like the idea that you don’t have to be in a spectacular location or in front of an extraordinary building to make a good photo.”. You can definitely see this ideology come out in his final works, and it’s obviously helped him make a career out photography. Scroll down for my favourites, head over to his portfolio for more personal and commercial projects.


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