Entwining Image & Object – Photography and Sculpture by Darren Harvey-Regan


I’ve been pondering this work by British artist Darren Harvey-Regan for a long while now. It’s only in the last month or so that I’ve had the urge to look back over his imagery. This is partly because of my new pocket camera that I’ve been carrying everywhere, it’s become quite easy to make possibilities out of everyday scenarios and nature itself on my day to day rounds. So overall his work struck a chord with me. A similar playful experimentation is exactly what Darren does with his own art, but his twist is that he intertwines his photographic imagery with sculpture itself.

This is quite unique because there’s three elements to his work, the subject, which is the thing itself, the photographic representation of the object, and the material photograph that’s being displayed. These layers give a complexity to the simplicity in the photographs, forcing us to look at the corresponding photographs and sense some sort of interaction, or tension.

Here I’ve placed some photos of his work for you to admire, these show the direct images of the objects or natural scenery that is made to correspond with one another. Aesthetically these are pleasing, especially the spontaneity and simplicity in the sculpture, which all derives from nature itself. Saying that, I want to make sure that you view these in context as they will make more sense. So if you go over to his website or are lucky enough to see one of his exhibitions in the near future, it will give you the necessary tension and show the relationships between the objects and the photography. Enjoy.