Photography by Ida Thue

I got in touch with Ida a while back through email, and she was kind enough to grant me permission to use her photography on our site.

I stumbled across her blog randomly one day and i really enjoyed what i saw, particularly the honestly of the photographs, highlighting moments in her life.

At this point in time she is travelling around various countries, which is set to end in a month or so, but you can always browse back through the archives.

I picked out these recent photographs from New York, where they stayed at the Ace Hotel. It’s quite a young and stylish place to stay, as you can probably see in the photographs.

The furniture is spot on, aesthetically pleasing. But overall, Ida should be really respected for her photography skills. She creates stunning imagery and makes it look easy, as if everyone can do it.

Check it all out on her site in the link below.

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  • Brian

    i’m a big fan of ida’s photos, and i have some of her prints framed at home. great to see her here.

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