Recent Photography by Cody Cobb

Recent Photography by Cody Cobb image1

Since it’s the start of a new year I thought I’d bring through a familiar face, someone who we’ve visited many times before, not only in the last year but in several years previously. In fact Cody Cobb, the photographer in question, is perhaps my most revisited individual that I’ve shared on the blog. Evidently I have a real soft spot for his work which consists of an investigative and refreshing approach to travel photography, he seeks to find vast and uninhabited landscapes capturing each in a composition that leaves his viewer longing for more.

Certainly from a personal perspective his frames provoke so many questions and curiosity, I enjoyed browsing through his portfolio that continues to grow and involve more and more mysterious places as time passes. Recently he took a trip to the Sierra mountain terrain which is part of the peninsular ranges running along the pacific coast from Alaska to Mexico. The resulting collection, which is a highlighted in part here, is a breathtaking array of scenery that I’d never get to see otherwise. Particularly where we are based here there is very little land that is untouched and has remained untouched for thousands of years, so when nature is given the opportunity to grow and flourish it’s real fascinating to see.

Just waking up to see some of these skylines must be so inspiring, I can imagine he must have such fun investigating his surroundings each day and seeing what he can find. Looking at the different species of trees he’s come across is really alluring to me, admittedly rather geeky. I’ve been reading about those seen in the third image down which I believe to be bald cypress trees or Taxodium distichum to use it’s latin name. These start life from seedlings on dry land and have to grow at a ridiculous rate to avoid being consumed by flood waters like we see here.

I would have never gone out of my way to learn about this species if it wasn’t for Cody’s beautiful photos, once presented with wildlife I’d not come across before in my own travels I was compelled to go and learn a bit more. Perhaps this is why I find his collection of work so enticing, because he’s pushing the envelope for the world I’d love to wander and explore myself. One day I hope I will be lucky enough to do so myself, in the meantime however why not join me in admiring the places he has already graced. If you enjoy what we have here I’d really recommend following Cody’s portfolio via the link below, I’ve checked back often over the past few years and he’s yet to disappoint me.

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Recent Photography by Cody Cobb image3

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