The People Who Feed Us, Beekeeper Mary Woltz

A beautiful set of photography by Karon Wise, a New York based photographer who is highly acclaimed for her wedding photography. She was even voted as one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world, and rightly so looking at these cracking photos taken for The People Who Feed Us.

Mary Woltz is the subject and we get a look at her bees, or ‘the girls’ as she likes to call them. Mary’s a beekeeper from Sag Harbor, New York, her knowledge and understanding of bees makes her honey some of the most sought after in America.

She named her business Bee’s Needs, Mary goes onto say, “I’m unconventional in many respects. I was taught that if you care about the bees, they will look out for you. The bees’ needs come first.”

Her respect for these flying insects is truly admirable and definitely comes across in this photography. You can view the series below.


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