A Manifestation of Line – Pigmented Plaster Sculptures by Flensted Mouritzen

I think there’s a lot of history in the field of sculpture and we can often become bogged down by the past, thinking that we need to use stone or marble to carve forms from. That’s why I was interested in this work titled ‘Revolve’ by Flensted Mouritzen, a project consisting of Danish duo Troels Flensted and Ragna Mouritzen.

Revolve was originally designed for the 2018 REFORM Design Biennale in Denmark but has since gone on to be a vital part of their experimentation. They use a mixture of plaster, glue, pigments and wax that are then moulded and later transformed through the use of a special turning machine. This turning machine creates unique lines in the side of the body and slowly shapes the form, giving them the opportunity to add layers of colour to the top surface and great a unique depth.

The colours reminded me of ceramic glazes, the yellow was especially unique as you can see the orange coming through from underneath. I recommend going on over to the websites below to see the behind the scenes process. Troels Flensted’s page is especially nice as there are many projects from the past that show his route forward to this current series of work. It’s interesting to see how they are playing with materials and experimenting with both function, art and also craft. Enjoy.