Ceramic Works by Asche Yamamoto of Studio atelier-H


Last week I was trying to find some content relating to the sculpture/ceramic field, as I’d been looking at the works of Georges Jouve, who I don’t believe we’ve covered here before. If you’re not familiar with Mr Jouve you should take a short trip to this MONDOBLOGO article that showcases a brilliant selection of imagery to give you a better idea. Basically, Georges Jouve is known as being one of the more important ceramists of the 20th century, he modernised pottery and helped develop unique techniques, often through his ironic and creative shapes. Interestingly, his career stemmed from him being captured and put in a camp during World War II by the Germans, where he escaped and took refuge at his step parents home in a potters village in the South of France called Dieulefit. Quite a character. He even dabbled in the design field, mainly experimenting with furniture such as tables and chairs.

It’s unique to see such imaginative forms so it was great to bump in to an individual inspired by Georges Jouve in Japan named Asche Yamamoto. His ceramic works under the studio name ‘atelier-H’ are very brilliant indeed, and they all stem from seeing Georges Jouve’s works back in 1998 which instantly made him start to experiment in his own studio. Although he’s held a few exhibitions over the years and he sells to a couple of shops in Japan, I’m very surprised to see these aren’t more widely appreciated. As you can imagine, we like design and craft, these are both, so it made sense to showcase his work and have it here for you to admire.

With such a creative inspired by all these different designers, it makes sense that Asche also happens to be the owner of a shop named PLEIN DE MODERNE in Sapporo, Japan, which specialises in 20th century modern design. This includes selling chairs, lighting, and other accessories and goods for the home. All of them appear to have been made by French modernist designers exclusively, such as Serge Mouille, Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand. Which only means one thing, there’s bound to be some fantastic finds! Anyways, you’re sure to enjoy these shapes and forms, there’s plenty more to be seen on his website and blog found via the link below. Have a great day!











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