Visual Acoustics, The Modernism of Julius Shulman

Interior view of the Disney Concert Hall, the acoustics of the concert hall designed by Yasuhisa Toyota.

So this is quite a tough post to write really, I’m not sure where to start. I’ve been on and off writing about furniture and such over the past few weeks but this particular one is more about a film and someones work, it was all inspired thanks to an interview I came across last night. The specific interview revolved around a different photographer that goes by the name of Pedro E. Guerrero, which took place only a few months ago. Pedro is an American photographer who worked extensively with both Frank Lloyd Wight and Alexander Calder, obviously these guys are right up there in terms of inspiration for me so it was fascinating to hear this photographers story and what characters these icons were. It’s both amusing and enthralling, I read every question very intently. So since I’ve wet your appetite it would be a bit harsh to not put the link here, so head over to the Residential Architecture website to see the whole feature.

This led onto me researching more into different photographers that had photographed architecture and the like, it seemed like Julius Shulman was a hot topic and had really excelled on this front. This amazing man really did mingle with some of the greatest designers and took some incredibly iconic photos of the best buildings in the world. As you can see above and below he snapped for Frank Gehry, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, and the Eames couple, just to name a few. So obviously being a guy who’s into the details and intricacies of how these individuals worked it was fascinating to see a movie trailer featuring Julius Shulman and his life. I’ve seen many of these crop up featuring different modernist designers over the past few years but this one is right on top of the pile, it’s a great watch and like the interview stated above is very humorous as well. Julius is such a character and is very passionate about what he does, fantastic stuff to see at his age. I’ve placed the trailer for you to view just below, you won’t be disappointed I promise, if you want to watch the whole thing and are in Europe I’d check iTunes first since it’s the place where I purchased it from. Maybe this will inspire you to check out more photographers and how they’ve changed the landscape of architecture.

Disney Concert Hall designed by architect Frank Gehry, 1991.

Singleton House designed by Richard Neutra, Los Angeles, California.

Case Study House #20 by C. Buff, C. Straub and D. Hensman, Altadena, California.

Loewy House designed by Albert Frey, Palm Springs, California.

Case Study House #8 by Charles and Ray Eames, Pacific Palisades, California.

Freeman House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Los Angeles, California.

Kaufman House designed by Richard Neutra, Palm Springs, California.