Reinterpretation of Shape – Metal Sculpture by Spanish Architect Arturo Berned

Orientating a structure and manipulating the shape is definitely a great way pulling in the eye and tricking the onlooker visually. Spanish architect and sculptor Arturo Berned’s material of choice is metal, focusing on abstraction and how you can use this cold, tough material to create a certain energy or emotion in a piece of sculpture.

Interestingly, his works are conceived on the basis of the laws of mathematics, the gold ration (also known as the golden number or the phi number). Thanks to his extensive knowledge of using metal he’s able to construct his works by using Corten, a weathering steel, or a lacquered stainless steel with aluminium and bronze running throughout.

It’s not just me who has picked up on the striking nature of those works. As with any good artist, Arturo has also been able to cross over in to the mainstream and commercial world, most notably making eight works in tribute to the people and customs of Japan. A selection of his sculptures can be seen at Grin-Grin Park in the city of Fukuoka sponsored by Japanese architect Toyo Ito.

I picked out a selection that I thought summarised his work well and the way he is currently integrating them in to the urban landscape. They feel very gritty and intense, I’m not sure where this is coming from, but they certainly stand out against the backdrop and add powerful impact to the environment. Head on to his website below to view more, he’s certainly a talented artist and visionary.


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