Case Inlet Residence by MW Works Architects

60 years after it’s creation it seems Philip Johnson’s glass house is still having a huge influence on the design of contemporary architecture, or so I thought upon viewing this beautiful riverside retreat built by MW Works Architects. Nestled into a forested slope along the eastern edge of the Case Inlet, the house has a stunning view of the Olympic mountains in western Washington. One of the highlights of this home for me personally is the easy access roof space which doubles as great lookout point, I’m sure this works as a nice outdoor dinning space in the warm summer evenings too.

Steve Mongillo and Eric Walter who founded the firm have undertaken several projects in rural areas like we have here and looking over their portfolio I was really impressed with the balance they’ve been able to find between framing natural surroundings and providing the privacy that the majority of us so desire in a home. The living space in this particular project looks out onto the water which must provide such a calming tranquil, atmosphere as the sun says farewell to each day.

I’m a big fan of incorporating a seamless transition between the outside and inside of a home so I really enjoyed the combinations that the team have put together here. The outdoor decking I felt was a nice touch and the abundance of floor to celling glass panels goes a long way in promoting this ideal of living at one with nature. It must be amazing to be able to grab an early breakfast and watch the wildlife scuttle past your front door, somewhat of a photographers dream.

If you’ve got the time and you’ve been inspired by what you’ve seen in this post today I’d really recommend taking a visit across to MW Works Architects webpage and following them in the near future. I’l leave the link for this just below, but in the meantime I hope this project has helped you consider the alternatives to the traditional home, enjoy!