Precise Edges and Outlines – Sculptures & Reliefs by Jose Gabriel Fernandez


I’ve enjoyed browsing the work of fantastic sculptor and relief maker Jose Gabriel Fernandez. A Venezuelan artist who is now based in New York City, his early education as an artist took place in London so he’s sure to have picked up a lot of inspiration from there. Today he produces work using acrylic gesso on plywood to create reliefs, as well as fibreglass for his three-dimensional sculpture.

In some ways I can see elements of Barbara Hepworth or Henry Moore, but I particularly like the way in which he has used a number of different mediums to convey his meaning. For example, his incorporation of black and white photography that’s been printed on fibre paper really add a new dimension to how we perceive sculpture and the way in which light hits and shadow settles.

It’s also obvious when viewing these that they’re quiet, muted and have a timeless appearance, nothing too brash or in your face, but have a flowing energy and a never ending dialogue. For me they represent the never ending cycle of nature, but for others they could mean something different, that’s the great thing about art or design for that matter. We all have different feelings and thoughts that we bring to the mix. More can we seen on his website below, enjoy.