Playful Movement – A Selection of Abstract Art by American Creative Matt Connors

Abstract art could be seen as having lost its way. With the invention of the internet these shapes that were once sparingly used have been mimicked to the point of little meaning, sometimes even ruining the aesthetic sense. This is why it’s rare to see abstract work that’s full of pure expression. Just through the brush strokes alone we are able to see movement and a playfulness that’s quite unique considering the probability of this diminishing the older we get.

New York-based Chicago born Matt Connors’ on the other hand has been able to keep his child-like powers, producing these abstract artworks that have a strong focus on colour and shape. His works rely heavily on brush technique and share obvious parallels with minimalism and abstraction. Reading his bio and hearing that his work is also influenced by all the fields, such as design, music, poetry, and writing, it made me think deeply about the different references needed to create truly individual works of art. It’s important to look at all these fields and take elements that inspire you so that you can bring them forward in to your own creations. The most abstract subjects might offer the most fruitful results.

You may notice links in Matt’s work and this is not coincidental by any means. There is usually a dialogue going on and one canvas often informs another, on the spot development of sorts. Although a lot of this is about having a good eye and working like an architect in a structural sense, with Matt’s fluid strokes and sometimes erratic movements it elevates this work to a new level and gives an emotion I rarely see in this kind of work. Here are a selection of my favourite pictures from his portfolio, I recommend you view more on the webpage below and also research the various galleries that hold exhibits of his work. He is a true talent and one that’s definitely inspiring.