The Wall & Wind of Self – Sculpture by Japanese Artist Masayuki Tsubota


Japanese sculptor Masayuki Tsubota has been on my radar for a few weeks now. I’m especially fond of the textures in his forms, as well as the abstract shapes that he’s been able to create. I’m also taken aback by his use of colour. I’m usually one that tends to shy away from using vibrant colour, as I always think less is more, but the colour combinations that Masayuki has used are flat and stimulating, just enough that it really pops out and pulls your attention to the patterning on the surface.

It’s made me think about colour on vessels and flat surfaces, how they make us feel and what draws us to them. Everyone is different and we all have different viewpoints, so it’s intriguing for me to see that these are all named as something “of self”. For example here I’ve picked the series “Wall of Self” or “Wind of Self”, in my opinion Masayuki is asking us to view these forms as a reflection of our selves, in a spiritual way.

These underlying connotations are what give sculpture so many dimensions, as well as intrigue. All of them are there to showcase an idea and let us come up with our own assumptions about the piece. Anyway, here’s a selection of sculpture that I really liked, but plenty more can be seen on his portfolio. Some are a bit rough around the edges, but this gives Masayuki a truly unique, one of a kind style.