Geometric Harmony – Simple Constructions by Slovenian Painter Dusa Jesih


As a fellow creative I’m always spotting patterns in other people’s work. It probably derives from my own interest in one particular shape or form, which is then experimented with and changed in small but meaningful ways. This could be the colour or material, maybe even experimenting with placement or composition. It’s not too dissimilar to what I see here in Slovenian artist Dusa Jesih’s work.

It’s obvious to see that her paintings are formed in cycles, often using one as a starting point to inform another. These are no doubt made to meet the artist’s demands and explore her vision of what they are supposed to be. These particular works consist of geometric compositions that feature subtle textures and tones throughout, contrasting from block to block to create different dimensions.

On a personal level I really like the detail applied to these simple-looking composition. They’re aesthetically pleasing and are all in harmony with each other, which is an impressive feat in itself. I could only pick out a small selection here so I recommend heading to her portfolio to see many more, you won’t be disappointed. And the next time you have some spare time why not pick up some paper yourself and create some unique compositions like these, enjoy.








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