Exercises with Shapes – Screen Prints by Belgian Creative Obed Vleugels

My support is unwavering for those creatives who go their own way and deem themselves in the same creative process as that of a craftsman. I think all good artists and designers that have left some kind of legacy are always those who really pursue their craft with an intense purpose, scrupulously adjusting their techniques to create work that conveys their train of thought.

Obed Vleugels is a Belgian creative who owns his own printing studio in the city of Mechelen. Here he has been exploring print making for over 8 years where he says he has been making “countless failures” which “have been a good foundation for perfecting the craft”. In many ways Obed’s heritage is rooted in this craft, with his grandfather running a printing company when he was a child.

It’s interesting to note that he avoids fancy inks and playful effects, looking to use more traditional handiwork to achieve what he envisions in his mind. Here are a series of pieces that I picked up from his portfolio, all of which are muted in tone and represent a mixture of nature and geometric elements combined. I think Obed Vleugels is very talented and I can’t wait to see what direction he goes in the near future, for more you can support his work via his shop or by clicking the link below.