Between Science and Art – Logic of Nature by Artist J.D. Doria


I’ve been on a constant search to achieve natural looking colours in my own ceramic work, more of which will be talked about in the near future. Obviously it can depend on who you are and what you consider to be ‘natural’, but for me it’s about subtle tones that aren’t attention seeking and have a kind of warmth or subtlety to them. Even if some don’t like to believe, all colours strike a chord within us in some form or manner, even if it’s subliminal.

So as I continue on my quest I’ve been finding some inspiration in other fields, and one of them is painting. I stumbled in to this work by Tel Aviv-based Artist J.D. Doria that are intuitive, but also backed by scientific and technological principles. For example his Petri Dish series, where he uses a glass dish that you would find in a laboratory as his canvas. He positions a digital camera above and mixes different coloured liquids to achieve chaotic and flowing compositions, letting the final piece of art make itself.

These particular images I picked out are from his “Logic of Nature” series, which uses similar principles to the Petri Dish series but on paper. For me, I really like this idea of letting the laws of nature form and mix the colours themselves, it requires a different mentality altogether. You have to let your mind free and be open to whatever comes to you. Obviously I couldn’t show all the images from his portfolio, there’s some fantastic ones, so I recommend you pop over there now to have a flick through. You won’t be disappointed.









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