New Lacquerware in the Shop by Maiko Okuno


Sometimes you just come across those designers or makers that instantly click, those that marry your aesthetic sensibility with the qualities of the final object. When I first appreciated Maiko Okuno‘s works up-close this was my exact feeling, the beautiful forms that I saw in the photographs were not only backed up by the physicality in my hand, they were surpassed, I just couldn’t believe it. To be honest, my breathe is still taken away every time I handle the works of Kenichi and Minako Fujii (aka Fujii Works) , so I was appreciative to find another artist with a similar ideology and mindset.

This approach to design and manufacturing is actually quite unique, it’s the middle ground between a hobby, where attention to detail is at a max and you end up with a product that wouldn’t be viable, and manufactured, where the goods are swiftly made with precision but lack any human touch. Maiko Okuno, for example, works out of her small studio in Japan, but after honing her skills for many years she’s not only become efficient but also very precise. All her actions when making are crisp and concise, which you can see quite clearly in the final product.

At the moment we only have a small selection in the shop, but I think these photos give you a pleasant round up of her style and what sort of works that she designs and makes. As with a lot of lacquerware from Japan, all of these are made with the intention of being cherished for life. I can picture them taking pride of place in a number of places in the home and also being functional in everyday scenarios. From just viewing online they may look like items that are basic in appearance, but up-close and in your hand you’ll have no problem treasuring these.

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