A Look at the Latest Work from Poteet Architects

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a little architecture recently but until now I’ve yet to find anything that really stood out to me. So when I was browsing through our own backlog of posts I found a few leads and I came across this great selection of work from Poteet Architects who are based out of San Antonio, Texas. Last time we spoke upon Jim Poteet’s brainchild it was more focused around a single project whereas this selections provides a bit of an overview of a few builds.

What I enjoyed most about what we have here is the fact that Jim and his team haven’t overcomplicated any of these designs, adding subtle quirky objects which provide a bit of personality and character. We see this in the image above with the white bench which breaks the entire scene up without being too bullish and demanding, I enjoyed the silhouette art-piece in the second image for the same reasons as well.

Whether you’re just having a casual browse or actually planning for a build I’d recommend heading across to see what they have on show. Their team has gradually gained national recognition and with builds like these it’s not very surprising, hopefully the international community will soon sit up and notice also.



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