Architecture and Interior Design by Robert Mills

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The great thing about this job is that you get to discover, you’re always learning fresh approaches, concepts, and ideals from all over the world. The blog is like a melting pot for us and I get a great deal of satisfaction from looking at how individuals on the other side of the world view everyday design. Today I’ve been on the browse for a slice of architecture and I’ve really been enjoying the work of Robert Mill who is a leading residential architect and interior designer from Australia, Melbourne.

Rob founded his practice in 1991 when I was all but a year old, so he’s had the time to work his way to the top of the pile based on the philosophy he always stands by that landscape, architecture and interior should be considered as one body. Much like the fundamental belief of another Australian architect I admire greatly Glenn Murcutt who got his hands on the Pritzker Prize in 2002 and the AIA Gold Medal in 2009, they certainly enter into the same school of thought in my opinion.

As you can see from the imagery below, particularly the second and fifth shots down, Rob puts a great amount of emphasis on bringing the outside in, putting together an understated interior that helps build up an enticing scene with the natural blues and greens surrounding the property. From a personal perspective I can’t think of any better way to live, I don’t think we’re really intended to be detached from the world around us like the majority of contemporary design implements, but often we are boxed in – it’s no wonder depression is on the rise.

Rob himself explains, “When you view our buildings from afar or walk within their gardens you feel uplifted. When you enter our homes, you experience a sense of space and light which is the architecture expressing itself. It is only when you relax in one of our living spaces, among the artwork and furnishings, and view the landscape beyond that you truly understand what we set out to achieve when we create.” By this I believe he means that the architecture should be considered a tool to focus on what is most significant, great design should enhance your life and make you consider the beauty in your surroundings. These of course are just a collection of his recent workings, to view more, which I highly recommend, head on to the designers webpage via the link below.

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