Lindau House by K-M Architektur

We visit rural Germany now through the understated home that K-M Architects have designed and built in the Hochbuch village of Lindau. This house simply feels inherently the way architecture should be in my opinion, free of clutter, an emphasis on the environment it surrounds itself in, and a careful consideration for the way the interior will be used on a daily basis. The simplicity of this home is absolutely bliss.

A big highlight for me was the way in which the hill had been landscaped around the base of the home, providing a subtle focus on the clean lines of the top layer, where the inhabitants can relax around the fireplace without being overlooked. From this level views toward Bregenz and into the mountain country of Vorarlberg/Austria and Switzerland can be seen, which are said to be breathtaking on a clear, bright morning.

Facing south the house is a real sun trap best utilised in the lower level through the veranda, which blurs the lines between the inside and outside of the property. This must be such a fantastic space to host evening meals in the summer months, before retiring to the top level when night falls to socialise in front of the fireplace.

It’s a layout I can quite comfortably imagine fulfilling my everyday wants and needs, it’s all the evidence you need in the argument that less is more. Unfortunately on the photograph score we could have done with a few more images to give this home more of a showcase but this is the only criticism I have here. I was really impressed with the range of residential projects that K-M have been developing over the past few years, so if you enjoy this too I recommend click across yourself – I’ll leave the link just below.


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