Mill Valley Cabins by Feldman Architecture

After what feels like days of internet digging I’ve finally unearthed a project of modern architecture that really resonated with me. Based in the Mill Valley, which is roughly 15 miles north of San Francisco, Feldman Architects have constructed this stunning duo of cabin homes which I’m sure many of you are going to enjoy. The collective is passionate about marrying building and surroundings into one seamless environment, managing this design ideal most successfully in this project in my humble opinion.

They’ve achieved this by sinking this series of Cabins into the hillside, with the lower build housing a small garden area upon it’s roof and the higher cabin looking down the slope, the roof is blended into it’s environment in flawless fashion. I love how they’ve matched this camouflage effect with the greyish wood and the surrounding forest trees also, the firm have paid real attention to detail to create the desired outcome. Jori Hook Landscape Architecture are to credit for the green roofs in-particular, she was the landscape artist for the project and did a fantastic job all round.

Inside the home is light and minimal allowing for emphasis to remain on the cabin’s surroundings, large windows and a set of sky lights in the higher cabin ensure the white walls aren’t too clinical with the addition of the woodland colour palette brought into the fold. Feldman have done a fantastic job at centring the build around the clients love of both gardening and painting respectively, I can imagine inspiration isn’t too hard to find for both of these past times in the beautiful Mill Valley.

I know not everyone is taken by the idea of rural retreat but personally living at one with nature like this is my idea of architectural heaven. If you too enjoy what we have here I’d really urge you to take the trip across to Feldman’s architects website as this is packed full of ideas on what they believe the modern home should look like. Who knows they might even inspire you to design your own home one day – Enjoy.


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