L.A. Cabin Living by Brian W Ferry

I’ve been super impressed with the work of photographer Brian W Ferry as of late, he’s somebody we’ve followed closely in the past and even interviewed before, so it’s always refreshing to return to his portfolio and see how things are developing for him. This particular series that I’m showcasing today was shared on his blog “The Blue Hour” which is a great resource for inspiration, it often acts as a photo diary for the American creative and is well worth a follow if you’re into classic film photography.

To provide you all with a bit of context to what we have here, Brian took a trip to Coronado Terrace in Los Angeles last month and spent a few nights in this exquisite little cabin where he captured the character of the place absolutely perfectly. His photos seize the atmosphere of what must be quite the haven to get away from the bustle of the city streets. You can imagine getting up to watch the sun rise in the morning here whilst enjoying a good cup of tea on that quirky multicoloured chair.

A bolt hole like this one is a photographers dream with the abundance of textures and colours combined with the natural light of the sun spilling though the windows. Having said this for the place to be captured as elegantly as Brian has here is not as easy as you would assume. I think if you’ve ever taken to film photography yourself you can appreciate how delicate the balance can be between a crisp image with crystal clarity like we have here and a soft grainy one of less significance.

Brian really has mastered his analog equipment and is one of the best film photographers I’ve come across in the years we’ve been working on the blog. If you’ve not followed him in the past I’d urge you to have a short read of our interview with him and perhaps check back in the archive, before heading over to his dedicated pages through the links below for a more frequent update.



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