Depicting Natural Scenery – Japanese Photographer Yosuke Kashiwakura


A particular interest of mine is the relationship between human and nature. It’s often a conflict of sorts, but I really like the way in which Japanese creative Yosuke Kashiwakura has documented this aspect in his photography. I think he’s been able to approach it in a more subtle way than most, using underlying meanings to hit home on some of the environmental issues we face.

When I photograph I often find myself blocking out any human subjects from the frame, either that or using a slow shutter speed to distort subjects from view and showcase movement with a static backdrop. Yosuke has done similar himself, using the subject of people and blurring them out to make it look like they’re just a distant memory. Then there’s the pictures taken of scenery, which I’ve mainly posted up here today, which feature rocks and forestry.

Something I especially liked was his placement of the rocks in the landscape. Although nice as sculptures, for me they tackle our need for manipulation, how we like to move everything around us and can’t leave things alone. Hopefully these small realisations will also appear to you too and will make you think about your own footing in the world. They certainly did for me, it’s no wonder then that Yosuke has won so many awards throughout the years. I recommend viewing his portfolio below as there’s some great inspiration on display.