Selection of Work from AABE Architects

Yesterday we visited an architect from the past in the short film of Russel Wright’s home, so today I thought we’d highlight the work of someone a little more present with a collection of work from Belgium based collective AABE Architects. Coming across their portfolio yesterday I was taken back by their sleek minimal style which has quite a classic feel to it, less is certainly more on this evidence and they’ve got the balance of substance and minimalism just right.

Initially what impressed me was the teams ability to make some of their larger builds feel rather concise and almost subtle, I hate the idea of a building being intrusive and you always run the risk of this with a larger sized construction. Their neutral colour palette however allows the eye to focus in on some of the smaller surrounding objects opposed to the sheer mass of each build, which I felt was a bit of a masterstroke and the sign of great design team.

This eye for detail has won the trust of many clients the world over and they’ve been handed some quite precious projects as the firm has developed. The Salvador Dali Museum wasn’t something I was expecting to see in their portfolio but it’s nice to be able to make a connection with somewhere I’ve visited and enjoyed personally in the past. They’re quite lucky in that throughout their team they speak a number of different languages which has enabled them to attract projects from abroad.

Looking across their webpage it was encouraging to see they have kept the same core of architects for a great number of years now which can only improve the quality of work that they produce. You can certainly see areas where they’ve been allowed to express their ideas in a project and their approach to layout definitely got me thinking about how I’d consider the design of a house. If you enjoy these images I’d recommend heading across to their site as this is simply the tip of the iceberg in terms of inspiration.


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